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  • Business communication
  • Access to information inside


  • Business communication
  • Access to information inside
Signal access

Based on the league"AIoT+Video middleware",Support video class(ONVIF2.0The mainstream manufacturers camera of the agreement、Pick up camera and mobile phone acquisition software)、The video class(IoTSensors、Access control device、Advertising machine、Brake machine, etc)And intelligent terminal access equipment,With massive amounts of terminal access、Output capacity,Effectively implement all kinds of signal gathering and communication。

  • Many model device access
  • The third party equipment and the platform access
  • Flexible connection capacity
Compression optimization

On the basis of the accumulation of many years in the field of video,Leading compression optimization techniques,Hd low code,The same can reduce the subjective image quality50%The above code flow,And maximum keep the fluency and picture quality;Video transmission1080pImage quality,The bandwidth required market average per minute3Signs in the above,Pick up only1Signs in the left and right sides,Effectively reduce the transmission and storage costs。

  • Leading compression optimization techniques
  • Low bit stream transmission
Centralized management

Relying on the forward architecture of streaming media platform,Rich list of video equipment configuration and unified management,Hierarchical level centralized management of massive amounts of information。Platform function permissions assigned independently,Flexibility to create distinct in liability account system。In the face of personnel changes,On account of the empowerment and rights management,Can be quickly、Batch processing,And do not affect performance。

  • Access to the source management
  • The centralized architecture system
  • Functional authority distribution
AIoT+Video output

The open platform ability,Based on a very small amounts of development、Through the terminalAPIInterface specification quickly help partners to achieve multiple sceneAIoT+Video capabilities,Such as human face recognition、Retrieve the comparison、Statistics, etc,Can be done in response speed level data second level response。At the same time support equipment related interface combined with the call,Can be through the system for protection、Removal and the police。

  • Video output
  • AIThe ability to output
  • IoTThe ability to output
Information push the query

Rich and detailed information push and query capabilities,Actively push platform equipment line up and down、Face recognition and alarm messages and all type operation platform、Easy to trace evidence。When a client configuration platform service is abnormal,Can quickly find and configure other system services,To control the exception,Effective partnerships flexible secondary development demand。

  • The following information push
  • Rich data query
A particular scenario

For ten yearsAIoT+Video ability field accumulated for many years,Precipitated in a number of specific scenarios,In the face of various industries service experience。By working withAIoT+Video ability together,The ability to study and practice the more customization,Such as:Temperature and humidity sensor information linkage,Multi-type ways of cloud storage、Ability to live,Infrared remote control ability。These capabilities are used in intellectual education(Preschool education)、Intelligent household、Advertising monitoring、Wisdom agriculture and other industries。

  • Specify the type sensor information
  • Ability to live
  • Kinds of cloud storage
  • Advertising detection
Why do you choose to pick up
  • The core technology to precipitate

    Years of research and development of the deepening video field

    Streaming media forwarding architecture

    Industry experience

  • Free data linkage

    AIoT+Access to video capabilities

    All kinds of signal source

    Multidimensional data linkage

  • The open function interface

    High integrationSDK

    Concise and easy to use interface

    Thoughtful and professional technical support

  • A variety of deployment model

    Public clouds open buffet

    Independent private cloud deployment

    Flexible customization stable extension

United are assigned to all walks of life can
Intelligence community

The platform is based on AIoT+ Video capabilities,To the community(The elevator、Entrance guard)In the video、IoT Unified management of equipment,With visualization of remote control、Sensing linkage、And intelligent entrance guard extension applications, and other functions,Video equipment data acquisition of the community、Storage、Intelligent analysis and provide the upper application。

  • Management efficiency
  • Sensing linkage
  • Security ability to ascend
Ability to mix:Signal access+     Centralized management+     AIoT+Video output
The campus safe and sound

Based on the AIoT+ Video capabilities,Implementation of the campus video equipment、IoT Centralized control and management of the equipment,A video together、Sensing linkage、Face recognition、Wisdom attendance、The wisdom door, and other functions,Campus smart、Security、Scientific management。In addition,Platform ability of live,Breakthrough the limitation of the port H5、WeChat, etc,Live on each end use function,Achieve parent-school digital connection。

  • Management efficiency
  • Safety benefit is obvious
  • Transparency in the campus
Ability to mix:Signal access+     Centralized management+     AIoT+Video output
Advertising monitoring

By picking a dedicated industry customized hardware implementation of advertising information access,Auxiliary third-party advertising video and text compliance monitoring input,Intercept found that do not conform to the video and text,Cut off the output content,To the designated personnel and push the alarm information,Intelligent detection up to the task、The rapid control、After precipitation data,For system integrators rapid build system application in the industry to provide technical support on the bottom。

  • Advertising signal access
  • Content detection and control terminal
  • Intelligent big data show
Ability to mix:Signal access+     Centralized management+     AIoT+Video output
Smart car

The scheme is based on:Smart hardware - Thinking box、Basic management platform、AIoT+ Video ability management platform。One of them,Smart hardware - Thinking box by embedded wireless module in the form of local network connection to the cloud platform。Management to provide a basic management platform、The safety management、Management efficiency、Vehicles based general functions such as basic management。AIoT+ Through the intelligent hardware video ability management platform - Thinking box,Camera access management for all vehicles,The data collection and storage and supply the upper application。

  • Management efficiency
  • Security benefits
  • The authors increment
Ability to mix:Signal access+     Centralized management+     AIoT+Video output
The elevator wisdom

Access to open up al ability,Power wisdom elevator system integrators,In the aspect of safety management meet the advance warning、Things calm and disposal、After the back three requirements。Realize the real time video and data collection of operation,Including the physical data and riders behavior data,At the same time with the elevator operator has its own system,Provide things by ladder personnel calm conditions,Provide the basis for later analysis。

  • Two-way voice intercom
  • Video sensor linkage
  • AI Behavior analysis
Ability to mix:Signal access+     Centralized management+     AIoT+Video output
Choose to pick up,Rapid implementationAIoT+Can video assignment
  • 2Qian+
    Accumulated co-developers
  • 5Wan+
    Total access devices
  • 10Hundred million+
    Video data
  • 200Items+
    Ability to open
Cooperation process
  • —————
    In platform

    After fill in basic information in becomingAIoT+Video open platform developers

  • —————
    Qualification certification

    Upload information authentication become individual developer or company,To obtain the corresponding ability

  • —————
    To create applications

    After creating an access to relevant skills。Created after the completion of the access to the correspondingAppkey

  • —————
    Resources to buy

    According to their own needs,Purchase the corresponding hardware、Software and value-added services,Rapid implementationAIoT+Video ability platform construction

  • —————
    Independent development

    The platform is authorized,In terms of product sales and promotion